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Braymerica UAV Services
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* Cell Towers
* Power Grids
* All types of inspections
* Over 6.4 GWs of U.S. wind turbine power came off warranty in 2014 (as noted in 2013 by AWEA), and 50% of the country’s wind turbine generator fleet is behind in the OEM recommended maintenance schedules. Without in-depth knowledge of each turbine’s general health and potential risk profile, profitability is at risk and maintenance costs are unpredictable.
* Preventative inspection and maintenance lower costs by inspecting blades before a blade failure creates unnecessary and avoidable costs.
* Renewable energy insurance company GCube states that blade damage and gearbox failure were responsible for the greatest number of losses according to U.S. claims data—accounting for 41.4% and 35.1% of total claims reported, respectively. Poor maintenance (24.5%) and lightning strikes (23.4%) were cited as the most frequent causes of loss.
* With an estimated 700,000 blades in operation in 85 countries globally there are approximately 3,800 incidents annually of blade failure—a rate of 1:184. Research has shown that preventative maintenance costs 25% less than reactive maintenance and predictive maintenance costs 47% less. Braymerica UAV Services creates a true, predictive map of the health of your wind turbine farm.

Value of Drones for Cell Tower Inspections

Higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections
Greatly reduce man hours and costs by automating inspections
Safely assess the condition and orientation of all components of cell towers
Inspections done from a safe distance
Towers remain functional during inspection
Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability, live streaming and zoom/thermal/4k capabilities